Love Spain.

I think I have found a new home. There’s so much history here. Building dating way back to the 19th century. I have been using my translator app. It works great. Need to learn Spanish. A lot of people speak English though. It’s not to hard to communicate just using gestors. I’m going to San Nicola’s church tomorrow. One of the oldest one’s around here. Then I will be going to the Science building where they have all kinds of fun stuff, like 3D Max. Still can’t get over all the different modes of travel everyone if using. The USA is way behind on what is going on over here. All the food is healthy. Everything in the US is what is making everyone over weight. I think it’s a conspiracy by the government so hospitals and drug companies will stay in business. When I think about it, it makes me want to throw up. All the fast food restaurants. All the crap that the grocery stores sell. Nothing healthy. Except if you go to whole foods or stores like that. But you have to be rich to afford their prices. So if your rich you get to eat healthy. The poor and the middle class just eat the crap so the rich can stay rich and healthy. It’s all insane. I would love to divorce myself from the USA for good. Many people do.

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