Middle East compared to being in Spain and Portugal.

When I was in Iraq and Afghanistan you could just feel the pure hatred for the American people. This was way back in 2005 to 2012. It’s a real eye opener when you have never felt that before. This is what most of the American public does not understand. The middle east does not want us their. We are not wanted. We think we are the big hero’s of the world, but were not. The whole idea of bringing Democracy into Iraq was Ludacris. What the hell do they know Democracy. The whole thing was political and everyone should know this. I could on and on about this but I won’t at this time. getting back to my original idea is, what a difference in cultures being here in Spain and Portugal. There’s a real sense of community and peace. I love being in this part of Europe. The middle east really sucks. Too much religion. America needs to get the hell out and leave them to their own fights. But the trade deals and money will always keep our hands in these countries. More latter. I have so many stories about the Middle East.

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